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Cover Art: IZ byAlbert Gabriel Nigrin ©2017

Winners of the 2018 New Jersey International Film Festival Competition

All the works that were part of the New Jersey International Film Festival Competition were selected by a panel of judges including media professionals, journalists, students, and academics. These judges selected the 22 finalists which were publicly screened at our Festival. The finalists were selected from 512 works submitted by filmmakers from around the world. In addition, the judges chose the Prize Winners in conjunction with the Festival Director.


Winner Best Feature Film

Bullitt County - David McCracken/Josh Riedford (Los Angeles, California)

Winner Best Documentary Film

Vianey  - Marko Vuorinen  (Helsinki, Finland)

Winner Best Short Film

Crazy Hive - Shi Wei (Shanghai, China)

Winner Best Animation Film  

Goose in High Heels - John R. Dilworth (New York, New York)

Honorable Mention Winners

Headless Swans - Jordan Klaja (Queens, New York)
Everything is Upstream - Martin Ponferrada (Sydney, Australia)
In The Field - EJ Argenio
/Tesia Walker (New York, New York)

306 Hollywood - Elan and Jonathan Bogarín (New York, New York)
The Best Of All Worlds - Adrian Goipoinger (Saltzburg, Austria)
Bullies - Daniel Bydlowski (Northridge, California)
Above the Drowning Sea - René Balcer and Nicola Zavaglia  (New York, New York)

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Special Promotions and Events:
-All films screened as part of the New Jersey International Film Festival are New Jersey or Area Premieres!
-Free Parking in Rutgers University lots near the screening space!

Friday-June 1-Voorhees Hall #105-7PM $12; $10; $9

Headless Swans - Jordan Klaja (Queens, New York)

A neo-noir short film that follows Leon Latour, a private detective who works to expose extra-marital affairs. The one aspect of his job--and of his life--that Latour has grown to love is to watch the destruction of the relationships he investigates. 2018; 25 min. With a Q+A Session by Director Jordan Klaja!
Bullitt County - David McCracken (Los Angeles, California)
Four drinking buddies with a dark secret reunite after ten years for a bachelor party on the Bluegrass Bourbon Trail.  When the friends discover that their favorite distillery has been turned into a winery, the newly sober groom, Gordie, seizes on an even better adventure:  a search for a stash of buried Prohibition money deep in the woods of Bullitt County, KY. The others reluctantly join him on his quest, only to discover there's something much more dangerous than cursed treasure. 2018; 96 min. With a Q+A Session by Producer Josh Riedford!

Saturday-June 2-Voorhees Hall #105-5PM $12; $10; $9

43 Quintillion - Kylie Easton (Burbank, California)

When a grieving woman stumbles upon a mysterious artifact from her beloved’s past, she is propelled into an unknown world, and she must find her way back home by moving forward. 2017; 5 min.

The Wrestler: A Q.T. Marshall Story
- Frank Zarillo (Toms River, New Jersey)

Q.T. Marshall has been wrestling for nearly a decade.  After turning 30, and sustaining multiple injuries in the ring, his career could quite possibly be coming to an end.   He has one last shot of making it into the WWE--if he fails, he will be forced to hang up his wrestling boots forever. This documentary follows him on his quest.  2017; 67 min. With a Q+A Session by Director Frank Zarillo!

Saturday-June 2-Voorhees Hall #105-7PM $12; $10; $9

In The Field - EJ Argenio
/Tesia Walker (New York, New York)

Anambitious local reporter witnesses a police-related shooting of an African-American girl outside a toy store on Christmas Eve.  Tasked with interviewing the girl’s family, to get the scoop that will bring him national fame, the reporter suddenly finds that getting the story involves more than just being there first.  2017; 14 min. With a Q+A Session by Producers EJ Argenio and Ryan Davenport and Writer/Lead Actor Bobby Kruger!

You Are Here – Nicholas Jones (London, England)

A tender portrait of Tony Rogers, a former rock star who was a member of one of the most successful British bands of the last 20 years, The Charlatans.  Giving up on the glitz and glamour of fame, Tony has found a calling in working on his family farm in Ireland.  As the documentary tracks Tony through a year on the farm, it makes clear why he has chosen to honor and to perpetuate the traditions of life of his Irish forebears. 2018; 16 min.
Vianey  - Marko Vuorinen  (Helsinki, Finland)
A raw, lyrical documentary about the life and hardships of the female hip hop artist Vianey Otero, also known by the stage name So Icey Trap. This intensely personal coming-of-age story reveals the reality behind growing up on the streets, time  in jail, and the fate of a female artist in the music industry. Vianey tells her story with unapologetic strength, humanity, and striking honesty. 2018; 55 min. With a Q+A Session by Director Marko Vuorinen and Vianey Otero!

Sunday-June 3-Voorhees Hall #105-7PM $12; $10; $9

Tell Me Something
- Olivia Treynor (San Francisco, California)
A short film about a recurring dream. 2018; 3 min.

Everything is Upstream - Martin Ponferrada (Sydney, Australia)
In this unique film, that combines animation and documentary,  Buddhist monks from around the world offer vivid descriptions of their dreams, which are then brought to life through animated sequences. 2018; 10 min.

306 Hollywood - Elan and Jonathan Bogarín (New York, New York)

When siblings Elan and Jonathan Bogarín lost their beloved grandmother, they faced a profound question: what should they do with all the possessions, knick-knacks, papers, mementoes, clothing, and furniture that their grandmother left behind?   Turning the documentary format on its head, the Bogaríns embark on a magical-realist journey that transforms their grandmother’s charmingly cluttered New Jersey home into a visually exquisite ruin where tchotchkes become artifacts, and where descendants become archaeologists.  With help from physicists, curators, and archivists, the Bogarins excavate the extraordinary universe that existed in one family home. 93 min, 2018. With a Q+A Session by Directors Elan Bogarin and Jonathan Bogarín!

Friday-June 8-Voorhees Hall #105-7PM $12; $10; $9
The Fisherman - Ana A. Alpizar (Bronx, New York)

A humble Cuban fisherman is having a harsh winter at the open sea. For the sake of his
family and against all odds, he needs to capture at least one fish. In Spanish, subtitled. 2017; 15 min.

Skin - Alasdair K. Boyce (London, England)

In the remote and wild north west of Scotland, a young fisherman lives a solitary existence until he encounters a mysterious woman. In this rugged landscape the boundaries between folklore and the harsh realities of highland existence become enigmatically blurred. 2018; 24 min.

The Best Of All Worlds - Adrian Goipoinger (Saltzburg, Austria)

In this compelling feature film, based on a true story, seven-year-old Adrian is growing up in the underground drug scene of Salzburg, an Austrian city famous for its culture and classical music.  Adrian’s mother, Helga, is torn between her drug addiction and her love for her son.  In spite of all this, Adrian has a happy and normal childhood, the best of all worlds.  That is, until the relationship between mother and son is tested to the limit when the authorities and child welfare services decide to intervene. In German, subtitled. 2017; 103 min

Saturday-June 9-Voorhees Hall #105-5PM $12; $10; $9

The Magic of Reading
- Claudia Moysset (Los Angeles, California)
A short film about a young boy, and his older sister, who unlock the magic of reading by entering into the pages of a wonderful book.  Once inside, they have to escape from the clutches of a monster, and battle for their freedom. 2018; 4 min. With a Q+A Session by Director Claudia Moysset!

Conflict - Barbara Holstein (New Jersey)

A portrait of a teen-ager, who relays her sense of herself, and of the world, in five short minutes. 2018; 5 min. With a Q+A Session by Director Barbara Holstein!

Mr. Jim - Jack Foley (Morganville, New Jersey)

A recently widowed veteran gets a new lease on life by striking up a friendship with a mom and her young daughter. 2018; 13 min. With a Q+A Session by Director Jack Foley!

Bullies - Daniel Bydlowski (Northridge, California)

Eugene, a shy 10-year-old boy, is bullied every day until he discovers a secret underneath the school that will keep him safe, for now. 2017;  28 min.
Shellfish - JD Wilson (Point Pleasant Beach, New Jersey)
A timely satire about millennials and their obsessive compulsive attachment to their phones and other tech devices.  After a global phenomenon known as “Cloudcrash” wipes out all access to the web, the teenagers are forced to cope with the loss of their tech devices. Mirrors replace screens as the self-obsessed are sent to a rehabilitation facility where they are haunted by a monster named “Truth” and they must learn to get over themselves. 2018; 40 min. With a Q+A Session by Director JD Wilson!

Saturday-June 9-Voorhees Hall #105-7PM $12; $10; $9

Goose in High Heels - John R. Dilworth (New York, New York)

An animated tale told through three intertwined stories.  As a writer struggles to complete a masterpiece, about love, betrayal, and horror based on childhood memories, he encounters an unnatural force, and realizes his true prize. 2017; 22 min.
MDMA - Angie Wang (Los Angeles, California)
In this feature film, based on a true story, a damaged girl named Angie, who hails from a tough neighborhood in Newark, New Jersey, is accepted to a prestigious university in the 1980s. After losing her scholarship, she starts manufacturing the party drug Ecstasy (aka MDMA) to make ends meet. At the same time, she starts to mentor a young girl named Bree, whose desperate situation reminds Angie of her own past struggles. As her business heats up, Angie finds herself hiding dangerous secrets from everyone in her life, including her best friend, her roommate, and her father. When the consequences of her double life come home to roost, she must finally make a choice between chasing her dreams and following the almighty dollar. MDMA stars Annie Q (of HBO’s The Leftovers) and Francesca Eastwood (of ABC’s Heroes Reborn). 2017; 98 min.

Sunday-June 10-Voorhees Hall #105-7PM $12; $10;$9

Crazy Hive - Shi Wei (Shanghai, China)

In this comedy/thriller, Lu, a 45-year-old man, works an ordinary job and lives an ordinary life in the suburbs of Shanghai. One day, on his way back home, he discovers a corpse on the lawn of his home, and everything goes crazy. In Mandarin, subtitled. 2017; 13 min.

Above the Drowning Sea - René Balcer and Nicola Zavaglia  (New York, New York)

Above the Drowning Sea tells the dramatic, unknown story of the fortuitous escape of European Jews from Nazi-controlled Europe, who found a safe harbor in Shanghai, on the eve of World War Two. As Hitler’s forces sought to expel the Jews from Europe, no other country would accept the refugees. Then, a door opened on the east coast of far-away China, in Shanghai, an “open city” itself in chaos from foreign invasion and civil war. But getting there required a “golden” document– a visa from China. Shot in six countries over four continents, Above the Drowning Sea tracks an inspiring, emotional journey across time and across the seas.  The film vividly celebrates the heroism and humanity of ordinary people caught in extraordinary circumstances. Narrated by Julianna Margulies and Tony Goldwyn.  2017; 93 min. With a Q+A Session by Director René Balcer! Co-sponsored by The Rutgers University Confucius Institute!

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