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Cover Art:Star byAlbert Gabriel Nigrin ©2017

New Jersey Film Festival Spring 2018 Winners
All the works that were part of the New Jersey Film Festival Competition were selected by a panel of judges including media professionals, journalists, students, and academics. These judges selected the 23 finalists which were publicly screened at our Festival. The finalists were selected from 403 works submitted by filmmakers from around the world. In addition, the judges chose the Prize Winners in conjunction with the Festival Director.

Winner Best Feature Film
Starlit - AO (Fishkill, New York)

Winner Best Documentary Film
Getting Naked: A Burlesque Story - James Lester (Brooklyn, New York)

Winner Best Short Film
The Inescapable Arrival of Lazlo Petushki - Sven Werner (Glasgow, Scotland)

Winner Best Animated Film
Two Balloons - Mark Smith (Portland, Oregon)

Honorable Mention Winners
Pluto - Tiger Ji (East Natick, Massachusetts)
Breathless - Anaiis Cisco (Brooklyn, New York)
Word Is Bond - Sacha Jenkins (New York, New York)
The Lost Village - Roger Paradiso (Montclair, New Jersey)
Andover - Scott Perlman (Hollywood, California)
Little Red Giant, The Monster That I Was - Laura Harrison (Chicago, Illinois)
Bluefin - John Hopkins (Breadalbane, Prince Edward Island, Canada)
Two Strangers Who Meet Five Times - Marcus Markou (London, England)
Clasico - Eli Korn (Tel Aviv, Israel)
Dovere For Camden - Douglas Clayton (Lawrenceville, New Jersey)

Special Promotions and Events:
-All films screened as part of the New Jersey Film Festival
Competition are New Jersey or Area Premieres!
-Jimmy John’s of New Brunswick will be providing free food prior to all the
New Jersey Film Festival Screenings!
-Free Parking in Rutgers University lots near the screening space!
-Free Screenings on February 16 and March 2!

Friday-January 26-Voorhees Hall #105-7PM $12; $10; $9

165708 - Josephine Massarella (Hamilton, Ontario, Canada)

Shot entirely on black and white 16mm film, this gorgeous short employs in-camera techniques and chemical manipulation of processed film to study the elasticity of time. A dynamic original score by the acclaimed composer Graham Stewart accompanies the film. 2017; 6 min.

Two Balloons - Mark Smith (Portland, Oregon)

In this touching animated short, two travelers return to a place crossed by stars and clouds where love is at the beginning of everything. 2017; 9 min.

The Inescapable Arrival of Lazlo Petushki - Sven Werner (Glasgow, Scotland)

A young man is about to arrive in a mysterious city by boat, when he finds himself lost in the labyrinthine hull of the ship. Embarking on a surreal journey through the boat, he is chased by the inescapable, by himself, and by the very luggage he was hoping to leave behind. 2017; 11 min.

Lockdown - Max Sokoloff (Los Angeles, California)
A tense and riveting short film, about the day high school misfit Julian chose to wear a suit to picture day, and incurs merciless bullying from his peers. His day takes an even darker turn when the school goes into lockdown. 2017; 15 min.

Pluto - Tiger Ji (East Natick, Massachusetts)

In this captivating short feature film, a lonely young man believes that the only way to find joy is to run away to Pluto.  2017; 40 min.  

Saturday-January 27-Voorhees Hall #105-7PM $12; $10; $9

Breathless - Anaiis Cisco (Brooklyn, New York)
Breathless is the story of Larry, a middle aged African-American man who is known as a father figure and street entrepreneur in his Brooklyn community.  One cold day, Larry’s trip to the local bodega for coffee and cigarettes leads to tragedy. 2017; 9 min. With a Q+A session with Director Anaiis Cisco!

Word Is Bond - Sacha Jenkins (New York, New York)

A super-energetic documentary film that celebrates the transformative power of hip-hop music.  What was born on the streets of the South Bronx has now taken root globally, and the young hip-hop poets of New York have helped to spawn regional dialects everywhere. Through dynamic archival footage, in-depth interviews and excursions with artists like Nas, Tech9, J Cole, Rapsody and Anderson, Paak, and many more, Word is Bond explores the many dimensions that hip hop poetics occupy in urban culture today.  2017; 88 min.
Co-Sponsored by the Rutgers University American Studies Department!

Sunday-January 28-Voorhees Hall #105-7PM $12; $10; $9

Clean In: How Hotel Workers Fought Harvard for a Union - And Won – Rebecca Rojer (Kingston, New York)

What does a feminism for the 99% look like? Ask the hotel housekeepers who unionized a Doubletree Hotel owned by Harvard University. These women fought the first female president of Harvard to gain a union for themselves. Featuring music by Downtown Boys, this film was produced as a companion piece to the essay "Housekeepers Versus Harvard: Feminism for the Age of Trump" written by Sarah Leonard and published by The Nation. 2017; 21 min.

The Lost Village  - Roger Paradiso (Montclair, New Jersey)

“The Lost Village is a stunning indictment of the corporate take over of Greenwich Village, in the hands of New York University, and made possible by complicit New York city and state politicians.  Legendary venues are now commercial spaces, long time cultural gathering spots have vanished and the bohemian, artistic world which gave the area its distinctive flavor has fled due to high rents and corporate invasion.   Greenwich Village is a microcosm of what is happening across the United States where the disparity of income between rich and poor is now higher than anytime in our history.  This documentary raises the alarm and offers a way to counter such take-overs through citizen activism and grass-root organizations.  A must see for anyone concerned about where the U.S. is going under the rule of the oligarchs." --James Cass Rogers  2017; 91 min. With a Q+A session with Director Roger Paradiso! Co-Sponsored by the Rutgers University American Studies Department, and the Rutgers University Centers for Global Advancement and International Affairs (GAIA Centers)!

Friday-February 2-Voorhees Hall #105-7PM $12; $10; $9

The Final Show - Dana Nachman  (Los Atos, California)
This surreal short film stars Marion Ross (Happy Days) who plays a woman who gets catapulted into The Between, where she has to quickly decide which of her loves to take along to eternity. 2017; 9 min.

METTA VIA - Warren Flanagan (Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada)

Set in the future, Metta Via tells the story of a young woman who wakes up in a mysterious temple-like room and must figure out what her purpose is there. This leads her to memories being unlocked and the true purpose of the temple, the strange sentient machines that surround her, and ultimately to her final destination. 2017;  12 min.

Andover - Scott Perlman (Hollywood, California)
In this science fiction feature, a university genetics professor clones his dead wife, over and over, in a desperate attempt to get her back exactly as she was. 2017; 95 min. With a Q+A session with Director Scot Perlman!

Saturday-February 3-Voorhees Hall #105-7PM $12; $10; $9

Little Red Giant, The Monster That I Was - Laura Harrison (Chicago, Illinois)
After one too many social dust ups, an unhinged artist, Anna, goes berserk at a barbecue in this impressive and wacky animated short. To add insult to injury, her German Studies boyfriend, Klaus, strongly encourages her to focus on traditional forms of art such as portraiture.  Somehow Anna finds herself in jail, where she finally receives a sympathetic ear. 2017; 15 min.

Getting Naked: A Burlesque Story - James Lester  (Brooklyn, New York)
Slowly but surely a neo-burlesque scene has emerged in New York City, thriving in small clubs and performance venues. This intimate documentary follows four female burlesque stars, each of whom has discovered a newfound identity and belonging in a world of bawdy comedy and striptease. However, this liberating community does not insulate them from the harsh realities of sexism and existential crisis.  A story of female performance artists who chose to perform nightly – by getting naked. 2017; 85 min. With a Q+A session with Director James Lester and and burlesque performer Darlinda Just Darlinda! Co-Sponsored by the Rutgers University American Studies Department!

Friday-February 9-Voorhees Hall #105-7PM $12; $10; $9

Alpha Fish – Roger An (Fort Lee, New Jersey)
Rodrigo, a charismatic talking goldfish, has had enough of his hapless owner Conner. Tired of performing tricks for snacks, our scaly hero sets his sights on Bianca, a beautiful marine biologist. 2017; 9 min. With a Q+A session with Director Roger An!

Washed Away – Dana Nachman (Los Atos, California)
Brandon Anderton, a disabled artist, creates sand mosaic masterpieces only to see them enveloped by the tides hours later. He captures the scope and beauty of his art from a drone he flies overhead. In the hours while he is creating his art, his chronic pain fades into the background and sometimes vanishes all together. 2017; 16 min.

Bluefin – John Hopkins  (Breadalbane, Prince Edward Island, Canada)
Endangered giant bluefin tuna have returned to Prince Edward Island, Canada in surprising numbers after generations of overfishing. Fishermen are convinced decimated fish stocks can be rebuilt. Conversely, scientists warn that fishermen are actually catching the last of the majestic bluefin tuna. But something strange is going on. Normally wary tuna no longer fear humans. Featuring stunning cinematography, Bluefin portrays the thousand-pound, warm-blooded giant tuna, which wholesale at up to a million dollars, as the magnificent creatures of the deep ocean that they are, and brings a sharp and troubling focus on the way in these creatures continue to be hunted, to feed a global appetite for sushi. 2017; 53 min.
Co-sponsored by the Rutgers University School of Environmental and Biological Sciences (SEBS) General Honors Program and the Rutgers University Office of Disability Services!

Saturday-February 10-Voorhees Hall #105-7PM $12; $10; $9

Fractured – Arnold Chun (Lawndale, California)
Inspired by true events, this short dramatic film centers on a family that suffers the consequences of untreated mental health illness. 2017; 14 min.

Two Strangers Who Meet Five Times –– Marcus Markou (London, England)

Two strangers meet at five key turning points over the duration of their lives. 2017; 12 min.

Clasico – Eli Korn (Tel Aviv, Israel)
A complex relationship between two brothers, David and Kobi, who are
traveling to Barcelona for the "El Classiso" soccer match, are revealed due
to an unexpected delay. A forced journey around the airport will lead them to
shocking revelations, fateful decisions, and a very satisfying conclusion.
In Hebrew, subtitled. 2017; 18 min. With a Q+A session with Director Eli Korn!

Dovere  For Camden – Douglas Clayton (Lawrenceville, New Jersey)
Dovere is an Italian word for responsibility, respect.  Once thriving cities around the world are broken and have lost their self-respect. One of them, Camden, New Jersey, has been called the Murder Capital of America.  This is the story of how a small group of courageous citizens are giving hope to a Camden neighborhood by turning an abandoned bar into a miracle.  They are trying to breathe life into a decaying city by investing their creativity, hearts, souls and treasure to provide a point of light, a beacon of hope to its residents.  They are delivering dovere. 2017; 27 min. With a Q+A session with Director Douglas Clayton!
Co-Sponsored by the Rutgers University Centers for Global Advancement and International Affairs (GAIA Centers) and the Rutgers University Office of Disability Services!

Sunday-February 11-Voorhees Hall #105-7PM $12; $10;$9

A River - Tianyang Cong (Jersey City, New Jersey)
Wang and her long-lost daughter, Jiang, meet again and are instantly at odds over the past, the future, and the ashes of the daughter's dead father. 2017; 13 min
Starlit – AO  (Fishkill, New York)
Starlit is a romantic road drama with any number of twists.  Jessica Alvarez is twenty-four and bored. What she has is an MBA, a safe corporate gig, a bland boyfriend, a steady supply of pills for her ADHD, and a room at home with a suffocating mother. She craves independence and adventure; she needs to feel alive. She wants to assert her rights, but all that remains of her independence is a stargazing hobby and a BMW roadster. Then one summer morning she meets a bad-boy car mechanic who cons her into going on-the-lam with him for a short spell... that becomes a long spell, from the Hudson Valley up to Maine. They hike the Appalachian Trail by day and enjoy the stars at night. But is he too good to be true? 2017; 94 min. With a Q+A session with Director AO, Producer Kerry Borchardt and members of the Cast and Crew!

Friday-February 16-Voorhees Hall #105-7PM FREE!

Together – Chen Kaige

Liu Xiaochun, a 13-year-old violin prodigy, and his devoted father, Liu Cheng, leave their provincial Chinese town for Beijing, hoping to find a violin teacher and, ultimately, success. The teenager is at first coached by the eccentric professor Jiang, but he is soon replaced with the renowned professor Yu (played by the director Chen Kaige). As the day of the big competition fast approaches, Xiaochun must decide if this new, high-pressure life is right for him. In Mandarin, subtitled. 2002; 119 min.  Co-sponsored by the Rutgers University Confucius Institute!

Friday-February 23-Voorhees Hall #105-7PM $12; $10;$9Saturday-February 24-Voorhees Hall #105-7PM $12; $10;$9

2018 United States Super 8 Film & Digital Video Festival                                       

View the winning films and digital videos of the International U.S. Super 8 Film & Digital Video Festival, selected by a jury of filmmakers, Rutgers University students, and media professionals. The festival--now in its 30th year—will feature finalist works by independent filmmakers from the United States and around the world. Prize winners will be announced after the screening, in a competition for prizes, along with the Audience Favorite Prize. Approx. 80 min. Click here to see the complete festival line-up.

Friday-March 2-Voorhees Hall #105-7PM FREE!

Temptress Moon – Chen Kaige
Zhengda is the eldest brother of the powerful Pang family. He is married to Xiuyi, smokes opium on a daily basis and orders Xiuyi's young brother, Zhongliang, to live with them as a house servant. After Zhongliang disappears, Zhengda's health declines, and his younger sister, Ruyi ,assumes control of the family. Zhongliang, who is now a Shanghai gigolo affiliated with criminals, is forced to reconnect with Ruyi under mysterious circumstances. Starring Gong Li.  In Mandarin, subtitled. 1994; 132 min. Co-sponsored by the Rutgers University Confucius Institute!

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